GBDI 4.1

Using Bundles and DMv2 (GBDI Version v2.7 and up)

Guardium DMv2 (Data Mart Protocol v2) introduced two changes:

  1. COMPLETE files are replaced with checksums, and therefore only data files are copied over.

  2. Bundles are supported. This is important especially for the SFE bundle – sessions, full sql and exceptions.

When using DMv2, multiple DMs can be packaged together as a single file, as an alternative to send several individual DMs. When determining a set of DMs to be packaged together as a bundle, it is important to note that each bundle must contain a "main DM". The main DM determines where the files will be copied (i.e. its copy file determines the location) as well as the schedule. Also, when there are many DMs in the bundle, the bundle will be created when the main DM fires; it is important that the main DM be scheduled last.

It is recommended to always include the SFE bundle, which packages SESSION, SESSION_END, FULL_SQL and EXCEPTION together into a single bundle.

To setup the bundle:

grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="create" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE" main_datamart_name="Export:Session Log Ended" 
grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="include" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE" datamart_name="Export:Session Log" 
grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="include" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE" datamart_name="Export:Exception Log"
grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="include" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE" datamart_name="Export:Full SQL"

To delete a bundle:

grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="delete" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE"

To get bundle info:

grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="info" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE"

To exclude from a bundle:

grdapi datamart_copy_file_bundle action="exclude" bundle_name="SFE_BUNDLE" datamart_name="Export:Session Log Ended"

The main DM has been chosen to be Session Log Ended since under normal schedules it runs last.