GBDI 4.1

Uninstalling Guardium Big Data Intelligence and Removing Collected Data


The procedures described below will uninstall Guardium Big Data Intelligence and wipe out all data ever collected, without possibility of recovering the data.

Option 1: Re-image the Machine

Guardium Big Data Intelligence is usually installed on a system whose entire purpose is to run Guardium Big Data Intelligence.

If the system is a virtual machine, you can drop or destroy the machine and the disks associated with it.

If your organization has a procedure to wipe out virtual machine disks, perform the procedure on the disks associated with the Guardium Big Data Intelligence machines.

Option 2: Remove Guardium Big Data Intelligence Software and Data

  1. Stop all Sonar related services:

    You can find the list of all active Sonar services by running systemctl | grep running | grep sonar. To stop a service, run systemctl stop <sonar-service-name>.

  2. Remove all Guardium Big Data Intelligence RPM packages:

    Run rpm -qa | grep sonar to obtain the list of packages, and then run yum remove <list of packages>.

  3. Use “rm” (remove), or use your organization's wipe-out procedure to clear all collected data. The location of the data directory was defined during installation of Guardium Big Data Intelligence.

  4. Remove all files contained in the /etc/sonar directory, including the directory itself.