GBDI 4.1

Remote Backup

This section describes the procedure for using GBDI Remote Backup.


GBDI-machine - The machine where the GBDI system is running, and should be backed up (a.k.a. The source system).

Backup-machine - The system where the sonar remote backup is installed.


Ensure that SELinux is set to Permissive:

setenforce permissive


Installation using a tarball

  1. Download the tarball to the Backup-machine.

  2. Un-tar the tarball to a local folder i.e.:

    tar -xvf rhel7.x_sonarbackup_installer_*.tar.gz
  3. Copy the setup script to the local folder:

    cp sonarbackup_rhel7_local_repo/*.sh ./
  4. Run the installer:

    sudo ./ | & tee sonarbackup-install.out
  5. Check the sonarbackup-install.out for errors:

    grep -inE "error|fail|not|non|missing|warning" sonarbackup-install.out

Installation using package repository

  1. Enable Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (epel):

    sudo rpm -U
  2. Add the jsonar RHEL7 repository:

    sudo cat <<'EOF' | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/jsonar.repo
    name=Jsonar Repository
    baseurl=http://<your user name>:<your password>
  3. Install sonarremotebackup:

    sudo yum -y install sonarremotebackup