GBDI 4.1

GBDI Application User Guide

The GBDI Application features a robust graphical user interface (GUI), accessible from the GBDI Application Home Page.

This section describes login and navigation for GBDI, as well as details about tools, apps, and other features.

GBDI Login

To login to the GBDI Home Page, navigate your browser to one of the following URLs (per the installation default settings):

https://<your GBDI hostname or ip>:8443/sonarg.xhtml


https://<your GBDI hostname or ip>:8443


http://<your GBDI hostname or ip>:8080


GBDI Home Page


The GBDI Home Page may vary depending on licensing and user role.


Search Bar

Use the search bar to search Dashboards and Reports.

Time-Range Selector


Use the Time-Range Selector to filter data used by Dashboards, Reports and the Analyzer.

To access the Time-Range Selector, click the clock icon the GBDI toolbar (shown above); the Time-Range Selector window will expand as shown below.


A selection of the most common filters are predefined in the “Quick” section of the Time-Range Selector, or an interval can be manually entered under the “Relative” or “Absolute” tabs.

You can control which areas are affected by the global filter by selecting one or more of the following checkboxes:

  • “Apply to Reports”

  • “Apply to Dashboards”

  • “Apply to Studio”

The time filter impacts the following:

  • The default date/time range for data displayed in the dashboards

  • The default date/time range of reports

  • The default date/time set in bind variables used by the Analyzer (a.k.a. “Studio”)

To save changes to the selected time, click Save Selected as Default. (To close the Time-Range Selector without saving, click the bottom of the Time-Range Selector window.)


To activate the global date/time filter in Dashboards and the Analyzer, perform the respective steps described below.

Dashboards – For the Appliances, Agents, and Gaps dashboards, set the preference date/time at least once before the global date/time takes effect. To set the date/time preference:

  1. Open the dashboard.

  2. Click “options”.

  3. Click “Edit parameters”.

  4. Select a date in the “from” and “to” fields.

  5. Click “Update Dashboard”.

Analyzer – The “to” & “from” fields must be defined as bind variables:

  1. Open the Analyzer in the aggregation view.

  2. Open the “bind” window.

  3. Ensure the “to” & “from” fields are defined.

  4. Set date/time in the “to” & “from” fields.

  5. Save the bind settings.


To change your Preferences, click the gear icon (highlighted below) in the GBDI toolbar.


Editable preferences are shown below.



To logout, click the Logout button (highlighted below) in the GBDI toolbar.


Change Password

To change your password, click your username under Logged-in as (highlighted below) in the GBDI toolbar and complete the fields in the Change Password popup window.


For more information about password management, see the GBDI Administration Guide.